Nowadays, social networks are considered one of the most effective tools to promote and attract customers. Both big brands and small-sized companies try to succeed in social media space. But the eventual success and profits come only to those who are able to properly define the strategy and generate demand for a product or service.

Despite the huge interest from potential customers in social networks as a direct channel of communication, not each and every business owner understands the intricacies of working with them. The result is a lack of customers, sales, and – eventually – total disappointment in SMM.

To get decent results, it is necessary to structure your work in social networks or clearly outline the requirements if you resort to working with a 3rd party. How can entrepreneurs organize their social media presence in order to get good results even with a minimum budget? Read on to get the details.

Keep up with your capabilities

It is important to understand that business in social networks should work for a single purpose – to bring income to its owners. Making money and building up a loyal audience in social media for free will not work. Like any other advertising tool, social networks require investments, strategies and other resources. However, having learned to properly use their potential, as well as the possibility of targeted advertising, you will understand that it is worth every single dollar spent.

If your team contains a designer, copywriter or SMM specialist – it’s great. But what if not? Can you devote enough time to prepare and publish a couple of posts, communication with customers and full promotion on a daily basis?

High-quality SMM requires a considerable amount of time, skills and money that will go to:

– writing a unique enticing text, adapting the material for each social network, drawing up a content plan and         publication schedule;

– Search or processing in graphics editors of pictures, photographing, creating gifs and working with video;

– setting up advertisements, moderating ads, finding new ways to reduce the cost of the target action;

– making sure the website is 99,99% online while its functionality is spotless. A good practice would be to                 attract an independent QA agency and have your website/app functionality checked thoroughly;

– Communication with subscribers, encouraging involvement and increasing their loyalty;

– reading fresh content on thematic resources and testing of new tools;

Are you ready for this? If not, it is better not to even start.

You also need to calculate what budget you can provide for targeted advertising campaigns. Please note that social networks are not the same as they used to be. Today, it’s not enough just to invite subscribers to the community. One must make sure that they see your publications in their news feed. For example, the Facebook algorithm works in such a way that only a small percentage of subscribers will see your posts. This way no matter how wonderful your material is, only 50-150 out of 1,000 subscribers will see it. In order for him to get into the feed, it is necessary to promote each publication with paid methods. By the way, Instagram also took up a similar algorithm for issuing news.

What do you really expect from social networks?

Want to attract a maximum of customers per day? Focus on ad campaigns that guarantee quick results. If your goal is the ever-growing number of long-term prospects, you have to develop a community whose members will gradually become your clients for a long time. It may take a long time before you build trust with the target audience for the service or brand. However, the community in social networks is the best way to cope with such tasks.

Make a detailed portrait of a client.

Without a detailed portrait of your target audience, setting up advertising campaigns will be ineffective. Therefore, even if you address a specialist in social networks, do not limit yourself to typical “male/female, 20-60 Y.O”. Think about your customers’ geographical location, what kind of education and interests they have, how much they earn, which cars do they drive, where they spend their holidays, what entertainment they prefer, what they eat, etc. Remember – every detail counts.

Make a choice

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the three most efficient tools for today. Try to understand where your target audience dwells, make a research for the activities of competitors, read valuable cases from your industry If to simplify and average, the picture is approximate as follows:

– Facebook: youth, Travelers, businessmen, top managers and any other intelligent audience with good                  solvency. And if you work in the B2B segment, Facebook is a must.

– Instagram: if you post a lot of beautiful photos. If your business is about fashion, restaurants or traveling –            you simply must be present on Instagram.

– YouTube: if you have something to say or show. You can use, for example, for product reviews, expert                  opinions, or post educational materials on your topic. Your charisma along with a good camera is a must.

Do not try to cover all the channels of interaction with the clients. It is better to concentrate on a couple of the most appropriate tools for you. Good luck!