Today where every big or small business has their own website to keep their online presence. Today these all the fight is about getting to the top in search results and engaging more and more customers. It is no longer easy to keep up with the updating algorithms of search engines. Google and other search engines are working relentlessly to check the authenticity of a website. Because this builds more trust amongst the users and brings them to their search engine again. Basically, the search engines are working towards improving their services for the customer. The search engines understand that the user wants new and responsive designs. Else they do not stay long on the old and boring designs. This is why the search engines are rejecting the old and outdated website designs these days.

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As they say that the first impression is the last impression. Similarly, it takes as less as 5 seconds for customers to determine if they like your website or not. Yes, search engines record the time you spent on a particular page too. Even if the customers discover your website somehow. They might not stay long if your design is not new and interactive. Therefore, you need to analyze the current statistics and behavior of people on your website to make changes accordingly. Your website will succeed only if it is a user based interactive website. We also understand that not every business owner can spend a huge amount on their website. Hence, your website must have a cost-effective responsive website design.

Here are 10 principles of effective web design you can imply to make your website more interactive.

1. Dynamic and robust search bar:

This is a very interesting and innovative design which gives the user an enhanced interactive experience. Not many websites have adopted this design yet. In this design, the screen gives a better and clearer view of what you want the user to see. There are no small or large elements placed on the screen to distract the customer’s mind. But whenever you click on any icon or button, the screen is taken over by a translucent dynamic screen. This screen has your focus on the particular task you wish to perform at that particular point of time. It also gives you popular searches and suggestions to make your task easy. This makes the functioning of your website seamless and more effective.

2. Reflex navigation:

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As we know that good visual are the key to hold the attention of the people. This feature helps you keep the screen as clear as possible. You can easily embed some impressive visuals or even a video to engage more audience. This also makes easy to navigate through the website. This feature reduces scroll and other pestering features on the website. But open the navigation bar and all the options in reflex to the visitor’s behavior. Other dynamic features included in the website make it more robust and easy to navigate. The space you get to put more visual elements creates an immersive and striking impact on visitors.

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3. Communicate through hover:

Revealing elements and information through hover enhance your website in a very effective way. ECommerce websites have been using this feature and seeing great results with it. It gives visitors an element of surprise that too in a very convenient manner. Hover function reveals more information about the product or icon you hover your mouse on the screen. This function helps you keep the screen clear off the content. It also keeps your visitors engaged with the visual elements on the screen. As you can put all the informative content in the hover reveal.

4. Drop shadow must be subtle:

This feature is loved by the designers worldwide, but the key is that it must be subtle and impactful. Airbnb is one of the best examples where you can see an excellent example of a subtle drop shadow. It implies a certain depth and hierarchy to the search feature of your website. It also adds a lot of ease for users and help them complete their task and navigate quickly with ease. It is the most sophisticated and cost effective element you can add to enhance your website. It eases out our task very swiftly and subtly.

5. Ease the scrolling:

A “back to the top” button creates a certain ease for the visitor in a very crafty manner. It is one of the most underrated functions your website must have. Suppose that you have created an amazing website with captivating content. This website can easily attract and captivate audience attention. The person keeps going through the content and keeps scrolling down. But has forgotten some important information you placed in the starting. This is very irritating for a visitor to scroll back up through all the content again. This is why a “back to the top” button is very helpful and critical to make your website more interactive.

6. Parallax Scroll

Parallax scroll adds a very unique animated aesthetic to your website. This feature is also very delightful to watch due to motion and effects it creates. In parallax scroll the objects and elements move their position very swiftly to reveal more information. All this motion and animation creates a very fun and vivacious vibe for the visitors. This is a very intriguing element which also does not make your website heavy to load. Shopping brands targeting young people prefer to use this element in their website. Some movie or entertainment websites also use this feature along with video elements.

7. Fading Background:

This is a very interesting feature that helps visitors to focus on a certain content. E-Commerce or shopping websites use this feature in their standard quick view screen. But this feature can be used in various ways to bring visitor’s attention to a certain content. You can also use this feature while screen transitions and showcase advertisement or other important information. This is also an amazing feature to capture the viewer’s interest. This is amongst the most convenient and widely used features to enhance your website. It is another cost-effective web design to enhance your website and keep your audience engaged.

8. Hover animations:

Web designers and developers use a lot of visual icons and animations to engage visitors. Through SVG animations designers can animate the icons and the elements present on the web page to make them more interactive. These animations are very attractive and capture the interest of the visitor at once. These SVG animations are also very unexpected, hence bringing a delightful surprise element to your website. Designers tend to use vibrant colors and fun designs to captivate the visitor’s interest. This feature can be embedded in any kind of website in several ways to make it interesting.

9. Videos and GIFs:

As we all know that we humans are visual beings! It is our human nature to respond more towards the motion picture than to a still picture and content. Hence, it is only appropriate to put information and facts in a video format. Videos and GIFs create a unique and captivating effect on visitor and makes him or her stay at your website longer. Especially any educational or explanatory information illustrated in a video is more impactful than written content. Though videos and GIFs can make your website heavy to download. You must also consider this con that more video or visual elements will make your website heavier.

10. Crafty typography:

No matter how impactful or interesting your content is! If it is not put in a readable manner, it is not useful. The typography of the content on your website is very important. Minimal aesthetics with bold and captivating typography can hold the attention of the visitors like no other. It also helps you to convey your message effectively. A perfect blend of crafty typography and visuals can enhance your website to absolutely another level. This is the most convenient and the most widely used methods to enhance a website. This is because it doesn’t take any extra space or cost to implement this feature.


These are a few interesting elements that you can introduce to your website to enhance its response. It is not that you can use any feature for any website. You must first evaluate your website design and which feature will be more effective for your website. Only then you must introduce these features to your website. Also, you need to consider various factors such as the size of your website and how easy it is to download. As people do not want to wait long for a website to load, no matter how fun or interactive it is. It is also not necessary that you go for a complex feature that would cost you more. Even some simple changes like typography and “back to top button” can enhance your website effectively. But if your website is an entertainment website or a high-end brand, then you might want to invest more. Then you must opt for more visual and interactive content on your website.