Along with overall digitization and technology advancements over the globe. Social Media has been the biggest game changers of all. Today only Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. The total count of people using social media per month is more than 3 billion. With lowering the prices of smartphones and data prices these statistics are increasing exponentially. Millions of people are adding to this data almost every day.

The corporate world would never leave a platform with such a wide reach untouched. Marketing companies have been finding new and better ways to leverage this platform better. Social media is also one of the most cost-effective and the most easily approachable marketing medium. You can also target a very precise audience that will be interested in your product and services.

How to Create an Organic Social Strategy for Your Website

A few companies that got into this business quite early got tremendous success. But social media is no magic or child’s play. In fact, competition is getting tougher day by day with every big and small company coming on social media. Keeping the audience engaged in your activities and posts is very difficult these days. You need to have a strong strategy and plan to succeed in social media today.

Hence, here are a few prime factors you must consider before planning your organic social media strategy. And find out how you can keep your audience engaged on an eCommerce website.

Time and resources you can spare:

Social media marketing can be much more time taking than you thought. It is about maintaining the overall online presence, including the brand communications. Every social media platform is different and has a different kind of audience. More platforms you want to cover, the more time it will take to curate and create post according to it.

Digital marketing is a professional job and services these days. People hire digital media marketer to handle their company’s social media presence. There are big firms delivering this service to various companies. Sometimes small businesses who do not want to spend a lot with social media marketing, hire novice interns. But you must understand that social media make the public image of your company. Hence, giving the public image of your company in an untrained hand is not a good idea. This will only ruin the public presence of your company. A novice might also not be able to leverage the opportunities to promote your business. A professional social media marketer will help you make a concrete strategy and implement it. This will make your business grow in a way you want.

Targeted Audience:

As stated earlier every platform has a different kind and class of audience. You need to study and research properly about what platform is used by your targeted audience. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and energy if you keep marketing on the wrong platform. For example, clothing brands do quite well on Instagram whereas a political party might do well on Twitter.

A big business can spend money on professionals and use all the platforms to promote their brand. They wouldn’t worry much about all the extra buck they are spending. All they would want is a great brand image. But for small businesses, I would suggest that they select one or at most two platforms to promote their brand. This way they would be able to concentrate on a certain audience. And must focus on creating content that would actually interest them. After this, you must see where and when to make paid promotions.

Your business objectives:

Now that you have decided how much time you are going to invest and what platform you are going to focus. You need to define your business goals and objectives next. Do you need to define if you want to increase your sales through this marketing? Or do you want people to only know about your brand? Or you just want to engage more and more audience? You need to select your business objectives accordingly such as your strategy and social media activities will be based on it only.

Your business objectives help in deciding your business goals accordingly. Then a certain strategy is created to achieve these business goals. All the posts, social media activities, and promotions are made to achieve these business goals only.

Things you must consider to have a good organic social media strategy

After considering and having worked on the primary factors. There are a few more important tools and factors you must know and consider to develop and imply a good social media strategy for the ecommerce site.

A frequency of posts: You follow a plenty of people and brands on social media today! People are posting and updating their accounts regularly these days. This is why feeds are moving rapidly on the social media platforms these days. If you are not very regular in your posts or just forget your profile for some time, then there is a chance that people will completely forget your brand or might even not follow it. It is very important to keep the audience engaged these days. Even your time of posting affects the reach you will get on your post. Regular posts keep on reminding people of your brand and will leave a long lasting impression in their minds.

Hence, you must see to the frequency of your post and at what time you will be posting. These factors determine reach and engagement with the audience. You can experiment with a different time on different platforms, but consistency is a must.

Tools to manage your social media accounts: Having a social media account and managing it seems quite simple and easy. But things change when you have to keep up with preparing and posting on time along with your regular schedule. Here is when tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social comes into play. These tools help you prepare and schedule your posts in advance. These tools, save a lot of time and bother. It also makes managing a business account very simple and easy. You can choose any tool which suits you the best. A few of these tools also help you track analytics.

Tracking and reporting: Tracking and reading reports are very important. As what is the point of all this trouble if you do not achieve your business goals? The metrics that you need to study are decided according to the business goal you have set for yourself. For example, if you want to track engagement on your post. Then you must look for the likes and comments on your posts. If you wish to create a community, then you must track the number of followers. These reports and metrics are easily available on the relative site. If you are using some tool like Hootsuite or Buffer! These tools also provide analytics and reports. After this, if you want any detailed reports you can connect your website to google analytics too.

You must keep a track and keep studying reports and metrics as it tells you a lot of insights about your strategy. As you need to make changes in your strategy according to the results.

What to post: So by now you must have decided time, engagement and strategy for your social media. But all this was quite easy to decide then actually implementing it. Creating content is the actual part of implementing your strategy. You cannot just keep posting your products and service-centric posts all the time. People find them quite irritating and pushy. It is very important to keep the audience engaged and build up their interest in your brand. For this, you need to keep on creating fresh and unique content. Then you can post sales centric posts once in a while. You can post reviews and ratings by genuine people about your brand. Other than this you can also post a few informative posts related to your brand or product.

You can also see what kind of posts are getting more likes or engagement. Then you can keep creating similar content. Also, do not concentrate on only one kind of post content, as it might bore your audience. Keep on changing and rotating your content strategy. This will keep your audience interested in your posts.

How to engage your audience: This is also another very important factor you must consider. You must see how you wish to engage your audience? As you can not just put anything on your social media profile just because it is working. Your social media profile represents your brand or business. Hence, you need to maintain a certain decorum and class of your posts. Your posts must be such that they engage your audience and are also decent. Also, the posts must be related to your brand somehow.


In this article, we have explained every in and out of organic social media strategy. You must see what strategy goes best with your brand and works with it. Having said all this sometimes something different can work for your brand very well. Social media is all about experimenting and bringing out the new. So keep striving towards creating a unique content. Who knows Social media might work wonders for your brand!