Today’s technical advancements have made applications a basic fundamental requirement of any business. There are millions of apps for every task, every information and every business on the internet. Although these applications are giving business owners and consumers both a bigger and wider scope. A consumer has access to all the things with a touch of their fingers today, all because of the internet and the smartphones. A business owner can connect with the user or customer in a very unique and personal manner to grow their business.

Web Application Development

The software development model for a web app is a three-tiered development model. This three-tiered model includes data services, users and the business. The main user interface, which will be the main interaction window for the customer, comes under user tier. It can employee simple tools like HTML and DHTML to complex ones like Java applets and COM components. Secondly, the business tier includes server-side programming and web scripting. Finally, in the data services tier, all the database, media and file systems are stored carefully.

Following is the process through which your web app will go under development process:

  1. Creating a Roadmap:

First of all, you need to set a goal and purpose of your web application. You need to clearly define the goals and purposes, you need to achieve through your application. This will give a proper direction and workflow to your project. You will also be able to check at the end of the project if you have achieved your purpose or not.

  1. What is your Targeted Audience:

You need to survey and analyze the kind of audience that will be using your application. This includes gender, age and the income slab they fall into. This is a very important step which needs to be accomplished very meticulously. This is because you might want to add or delete features according to the targeted audience. You also need to see that the audience you are targeting has the internet access ability. There are various other aspects you must look for, such as whether your targeted audience is young and can be notorious. As for these kinds of audience you need to put better security features in your web application.

  1. Detailed functional and features specification document:

Now that you have the goal and purpose of your application clear in your head. You must formulate and define functions and features you require in your web application. Although it is not possible to cover each and every user behavior, but you must cover basic features in your web app. This is one of the most important documents in the process. All the future processes and steps are based on these requirements specified in this document only.

  1. Selection of the developer:

Technical advancements in today’s world have made web app development quite cost-effective. There are plenty of web development companies or freelance developers you can select from. Web development company might cost you quite a bit higher, but their service is trustworthy. You can also hire a knowledgeable freelancer who could understand your project. A knowledgeable and dedicated freelancer could be better than a high-end company to handle your project.

  1. Selection of the technology and framework:

There are several tools and technologies available to develop web applications today. Every tool and Framework have their own pros and cons. You need to select the appropriate framework or technology according to your web application requirements. You must also take your developer’s opinion on which technology he or she is comfortable working with. Selection of technology, framework or tools also affects the timeline of your project. Hence, in this type you specify the framework plus you can also evaluate your project timeline.

  1. Designing of user interface:

As they say, the first impression is the last impression, hence designing the user interface is the most critical part. Your user interface design must be simple for everyone to understand easily. It must also be attractive to engage user attention. Even though it is important for your design to be simple. It is also important to include all the features. You must develop a progressive web application design and keep on improvising. You must keep on taking feedback from the user and keep on improving the server side of your web app.

  1. Development phase:

In this phase, the developer develops your application according to the design you have formulated. The developer has to create a design including all the features stated in the feature specification document. The developer has to make all the functions and features work properly. The developer also needs to make all the integrations needed on the server side. Web application development is not a one time process, we need to keep on working according to the latest technology. You need to keep on taking feedback from the user and keep on releasing a latest upgraded version of your app.

  1. Testing:

No matter how hardworking or careful your developer is, an error can happen. You cannot afford to release an application with an error on the internet. Hence, you must get your application tested properly. There are different kinds of testing such as load testing, performance testing, stress testing, etc. Every kind of testing has its own significance, hence you must get all the testing done carefully.

Now you know all the phases of web application development in detail. After meticulous development through these phases, your application is ready to compete in the market. With this, you can connect with your customer in a new manner and keep them updated about your business. An application has to be a progressive web application that has to be kept updated according to the technology.