PHP is the most popular server-side programming language. It is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages which is used across the world for web development. Developers are using various frameworks of PHP for web development. They are using PHP frameworks for faster development, easier code maintenance, and securing websites. Symfony framework is one of the best frameworks of PHP which is mostly used. In this blog, we discussed about Symfony.

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What is Symfony Framework

Symfony Framework is a set of reusable and diverse PHP Components. It is an open source framework. This framework enabling the developer to develop scalable, high-performance apps. Symfony was developed as free software on 15th October 2005 by the interactive agency SensioLabs which is released under the MIT license.  The Symfony framework is used by various content management systems such as PHPBB, PIWIk, Drupal, OR CRM, and Laravel itself uses it. It is easy to install and configure on several platforms. Symfony framework is also used by various big organization like the BBC and open source project like as Drupal and eZpublish.

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Benefits of Symfony

Symfony Framework is the number one choice for the developers to develop enterprise web applications. Symfony is different from other frameworks. There are many benefits of using Symfony frameworks.

High Flexibility

It is one of the most feature-rich Symfony frameworks. Bundles and components are two outstanding technical benefits of Symfony. It provides high flexibility to business to build simple as well as complex applications. Symfony framework can also be used to develop a specific functionality in one of your projects

Faster Development

Symfony Framework is one of the fastest frameworks of PHP. This framework is 3 times faster than Zend framework. And one of the best things is that it takes only less memory space. Symfony enables faster development with reusability support and modular system. Symfony was considered from the start to be faster, with a strong emphasis on performance.

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Symfony framework has proven their reliability upon a time while most of the other frameworks failed. Most of the notable platforms such as Drupal, eZ Publish, phpBB, and Magento are using Symfony components. It offers developers to develop web applications which ideally meet their needs.


Symfony is provided as a plug-in which is also known as a bundle. In Symfony framework, each bundle is intended to add functionality to the framework and it can be used again in other project or shared with the rest of the community. In this framework, it is not hard to make changes in the Symfony code.

Easy Testing

In the Symfony framework, each line of coding should be tested which are guaranteed stable work of a web application. The biggest advantages of this framework is its unit testing is not tough because it’s using PHP Unit independent library.


There are various frameworks in PHP. But Symfony frameworks is one of the powerful and robust PHP frameworks when it comes to server-side scripting. Projects which is developed with Symfony framework are highly extensible because of modular-based architecture. Symfony web Development Company is using Symfony 4 to develop web applications. Symfony 4 be the best PHP framework ever.